A comprehensive range of 3D images was produced prior to product launch,
enabling all content to be created for print, online and video marketing.
Illustrations and graphics were designed to highlight features and technical concepts
A fully animated video showcases the products major features and modern styling. Using a professional male voice portrays confidence and a tone of authority. Shown in sales meetings or viewed online, it provides a quick and concise presentation that is consistent every time.
Click below to play video
24 Page Product Brochure, with concise and minimal text, detailed 3D imagery and technical specifications, this brochure sells its message visually and simply to its key market of lighting professionals.
Launch web page. A single scrolling webpage for the Viento is designed prior to the clients main website going live.
Technical data sheets with interactive fields allow clients to specify exact options and select the product finish image within the PDF file. This provides an accurate data sheet that can be printed or emailed to the lighting distributor.
Luminaire packaging design and box construction to transport 2 or 4 Viento luminaires in a cost effect and durable cardboard boxed solution. Inner boxes protect and allow for easeir handling onsite, while the outer box contains instructions and secure outer protection.
A collection of project images with the Viento.
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